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SDI Element Logic Careers

Data Analyst - Colombia

Location: Colombia (Remote)

Position: Full-time

Work Schedule: M-F 8:00 am – 5:30 pm 

Main Objective
Analyze the data provided by customers to give meaningful insights to them in a logistical sense. 


Role and Responsibilities
These responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Receive, clean and process Information provided by the client
  • Make summaries of the data provided, validate them with the client and interpret them to get an understanding of 
    the operation.
  • Compile the client's processes and their particularities in the operation
  • Do specific analyzes that help to show opportunities for improvement in the customer operation.
  • Perform high-level simulations relevant to the design of the solution.
  • Support the Design process and Sale of the solutions proposed for the client.
  • Prepare presentations and present the results found in internal meetings and with the client.                                                             
Qualifications and Education Requirements
Bilingual (English – Spanish)
A Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering is required or Bachelor's degree in another Engineering area is a plus (Mechanical, Civil, Electromechanical, or similar)
0 – 2 years of experience 
Strong computer skills in Excel and SQL
Strong numerical skills in statistics, probability, operations research, and discrete event simulation.
Basic knowledge of design software: AutoCAD
Winning Behaviors, competencies, skills
Self-Motivated and Independent
Excellent Collaborator and Resourceful Negotiator
Clear Communicator
Highly Analytical
Well Organized
Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
Excellent time-management skills to meet promised schedules 
Attention to detail 
Capable of working on multi-faceted engineering design projects of any magnitude while requiring minimum supervision
Team player and able to get along with co-workers
Must be flexible with work scheduling




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